Dive Bubble



To do what we do, we need dedicated and very motivated people to make AMPHIB go. If you want to be a diver or diver sponsor, remember this is a volunteer fire dept, and you will get the call in the middle of the night.


Unfortunately, we can't do this with money for gear, support services, and insurance for our members if something does go wrong.  We have no full-time staff so all of your donation go to our mission and not to administrative overhead.  If you would like to donate equipment and services that we need, no problem.  To answer the question: yes, we are a real 501.3c and you will get a receipt for your donation for your taxes next (we don't like the tax man, either)


Your short term donations are wonderful and we need them badly, but we need long support as well if we are to grow as an organization.  If you want to commit to long to support of our service to the citizens of Texas, please consider a year over year donation.